Week 2-The Master Key Experience

It has been a very strange week.  I found the exercise given very intriguing and really felt up to the challenge of doing them.  I am inspired by my desire to have Autonomy and Liberty and I love the fact that I will be able to manifest this.  I find myself slipping backing into my habits of doubting.  So As in this week’s reading, I am having to keep watch on my thoughts.  That has proven a little more challenging then I thought. But then… I do have a habit in being.  So much so, I have not gotten to the point where I am enjoying reading the exercises, yet.  The sitting exercise was very interesting…. meaning, I didnt like it. 🙂  Just being honest.  The real reason I did not like it is because I realized that it was almost impossible to inhibit thought completely. I found myself thinking about not thinking. LOL.   GOSH.   Well, I am still curious enough to keep moving forward.  Looking forward to next week’s work.

5 thoughts on “Week 2-The Master Key Experience

  1. Believe me this course is worth it. The class of 2017 believed it and made it possible for you too. Stick with it. The SIT…. try looking at a blank movie screen…. Got that idea from another member. And it worked for me. It even emptied some space in my brain to take in more MKE……. This stuff is soooo MUCH…. I have clutter in my brain at times. I now love my sits. Excited for your journey with MKE. I’m a 2015 Life member, and just checking out the new membership. Also, I do the blogroll, so I just added you to the bottom of the list. Please us CTRL F to find the names above you. The names of the top are below you.


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