Week 4-Master Key Experience-I can be what I will to be

One morning I woke up and I heard myself saying that “I can be what I will to be.”  This increased the will/power in me and the determination that I was no longer going to idly sit by and be the victim in my story.  Strange thing happens when you are pushed to your edge. You get to choose to sit in the corner and bemoan the ways in which you were wronged. I have done that for so many years.  While I could pick one thing to blame this on,  I realize that it was my responsibility to change things all along.  I have always  had the ability to change the tides.  But the missing piece was, I didn’t know this.

Something, finally clicked,  “I can be what I will to be.”   What if this, like most things, don’t work?  Well, I know what I have been living the last several years, what would it hurt to try something different?

In 2010, I was introduced to new thought.  I was so completely obsessed with the idea that I could create my own life’s experience. Every chance I got, I would browse the books on display and choose one to buy and read.  And then a friend introduced me to the Master Key System.   Somewhere during that time, I read the book.  It sounded great, but at the time, I didn’t have the will power to actually do the exercises.  It did not dawn on me the importance of the practice.  Fast forward several months later, I was introduced to an energy healing Modality called Pranic Healing created by Master Choa Kok Sui.  This energy healing modality introduced me to that energy that animates all of life.  And then shortly there after, I was introduced to Native American teachings where I learned that there are laws of creation.  It was not until the last few weeks where I could see the importance of each teaching.  “I can be what I will to be” because I am not separate from the energy that creates worlds, and if I live by the laws of creation, then I will be able to express that energy from within into the world without.  And, if my life is not where I want it to be, I can look around and see that it is just a reflection on my thinking.  And I can choose to think differently.  But I have to continue to choose it so that it can make lasting impact.

This week’s reading was so powerful.  There is a prayer that I do in my spiritual practice.  It is called “I am the soul”.  we pray, I am not the body, the body is just a subtle instrument of the soul.   Now this prayer has so much more depth for me. The “I” instructs the mind. WOW.  I knew this, but now I am really beginning to KNOW it. So instead of judging where I am (as much as I used to)  I pick up the book and read or I say my new mantra.

I started this new week off really wanting to see green triangles.  They seem a little less common then red circles and blue rectangles and yellow squares. I probably see hundreds of those on my commute to work. So I decided that I really wanted to see green triangles.  When I tuned into my Marco Polo group, everyone was sharing their green triangles.  I started thinking, well, gee, why haven’t I seen any green triangles. It was not until the following day that my wonderful group was tuned into me and they had been showing me the green triangles all along.  I laughed at myself, and guess what, I started noticing the green signs on the highway.   I noticed how the top of the A was a triangle. Since it had a green back drop, this made it a green triangle.   Life is so funny! Well, until we meet again!  I am off to catch more green triangles.

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