Week 5-Master Key Experience- Uh Oh

So,this has been an interesting week.  I am super busy at the full time gig and then, we are in the process of moving my side business. It has been hard to stay on track.  I got a little disappointed and down on myself because I didn’t want to do what I always do. In the past, I have started many things strong, and then life happens, next thing you know, I have unfinished projects.  I am reminded of the statement from week for that says that you do not plan on doing a thing that you should not start because it creates the habit of failure.  That is the habit I am intently trying to replace.  Also, I am trying to learn to be compassionate to myself and others.

I am so opinionated. Many times, I was able to refrain from stating an opinion.  But the conversations that I have going on in my mind…. it is a wonder why I have a hard time truly creating what I want. It is all good. I am a work in progress and I intend to stay in the flow.

One thought on “Week 5-Master Key Experience- Uh Oh

  1. Thank you for sharing Joi. I’m happy to hear that you are keeping your promise to Joi, because you always keep your promises Yes, right? Just keep on doing and remember the elephant is eaten in bit sizes. Well done.


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