Master Key Experience-Week 10

It was week 9 and it seems like all sorts of stuff hit the fan.  I have not been home for two weeks and I found out there is some water damage to my home that will need to be repaired.  This will result in thousands of dollars worth of demolition and reconstruction.  And then, my teammate left the company I work for.  So many changes in such a short period of time.  I am working on being loving to myself and working to maintain my center. It is not easy.  In the past,  any little thing would knock me off my center. I have come to realize it was because I didn’t have a firm center.  Doing this work is helping to build my center.  I take a deep breath, come back to center, and pick up the pieces by focusing on one thing at a time.  It will get done and it will be okay and I will preserver.  What started me on my journey so many years ago was the deep desire for inner peace and grace.  I am acknowledging that all my challenges that I am facing now are the answers to my prayer.  I am presented opportunities to practice peace and grace.  And so as I go about my day, I will be grateful for the opportunity to grow.  And grateful to the universe for giving me everything I need, right now!!!

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience-Week 10

  1. You may be outgrowing your shell, as was mentioned in the Law of Compensation! This past Fall was a time of many disruptions in my life too, so I can totally relate. I just kept reminding myself of the last 3 paragraphs of Emerson’s Law of Compensation, which can be summed up as “calamity = growth”… it was kinda my mantra for a while there! Best wishes to you as you continue to hold to your center during this period of growth!


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