Master Key Week experience 15: Unconditional Love… For Me

It is fascinating how over time, I have learned to have so much more compassion on others. I have been able to observe things that most people cringe at, with non judgement.  What finally clicked for me was understanding that there is always more to the story than I may ever know.  This has helped me hold compassion instances when most people would be ready for war.

What am aware of now, more than ever is, I am unable to do the very same for myself.  This is critical.  It will be the one thing that stands in the way of me making the transition that I want in life.  Right now, I am in Resistance to this idea. Why?  This didn’t happen over night.  I have built the habit of needing others to justify my value.  And just as strong as I want change, I am hold to my beliefs that I don’t deserve it.  I will sit with this while I do my exercises, reminding myself that the love I seek is my own, it has always been and it will always be.


2 thoughts on “Master Key Week experience 15: Unconditional Love… For Me

  1. This came up in conversation with my mom just today. She had said something about her legs that was very negative, and it’s meanness kinda shocked me! I sincerely asked her to please only say things about herself that she would say to another person… I love her so much and it hurt me to hear her talk about herself that way.

    Often we don’t realize how cruel we are being when we’re speaking to ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we’d NEVER dream of saying to another person, and that’s just sad. Since you’ve mastered being so compassionate to others, if you try only saying to yourself what you would to another person, you’ll hopefully be able to tap into that compassion you freely give to others and gift it to yourself as well.

    I too catch myself making disparaging comments about myself, although far less often now, than before I started my mental diet! When my mom made the comment about her legs, the words from the Gal in the Glass just popped into my head–I was compelled to introduce my mom to the person who is with her to the end, and ask her to please be kinder to her… after all, those legs have faithfully taken her anywhere she has ever wanted to go, and deserve thanks, not derision.

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