Press Release

Who. Joi Aikens of Beauty is Joi

What.  How Beauty is Joi Came to be and the future

Why:  Here to provide a space for healing

Where. Atlanta, GA

Interviewer: Alex Zander

It is a beautiful Spring Day on the Wrap around Porch in a lovely community in Brookhaven.  I have the pleasure of sitting with Joi Aikens, the owner of Beauty is Joi, today.  What brought us here? The buzz about a company where people are finding connection to their joy and happiness.  As Joi poured some iced tea, I settled in to begin the interview.

I asked Joi, why Beauty is Joi. She looked at me and smiled and she said, long story short.  “I had just completed my aesthetics program and simultaneously started attending services at a Metaphysical Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  At this time, I was completely engrossing myself in the community and taking any opportunity to go.  I was in this class and we were doing this exercise where we were paired up with a partner.  I remember telling this partner that her skin was beautiful.  My partner shrugged it off, so I added ‘I should know, because I am esthetician.’  This beautiful lady asked me for a business card.  So, I explained to her that I didn’t have one because I was really still trying to figure out what image I wanted this business to represent.  We went our separate ways and finished with the lecture.  Then this beautiful soul handed me a piece of paper that said, plainly, ‘Beauty is Joi.’  I remember looking at this paper and thinking how sweet this act was.  And for the longest time, I was convinced that I had another name in mind and here we are. “

I asked Joi, to tell me more about her business and how it gained such a following.  Her reply was “As a student in aesthetics, I could see the healing that people so deeply needed and how the few moments that we spent together, provided a touch of the healing. It gave me such joy to watch as someone would look into the memory and exclaim with such happiness at what they saw looking back at them.  It was also in the moments when a client would ask for validation from something that they had been holding on to that impacted their self-confidence.  I know that feeling.  I knew how different I showed up in the world when I started tending to my own personal care.  There was a level of self-love and healing that was happening in something as simple as allowing myself to receive a beauty treatment.  I thought to myself, if only everyone could experience this joy.  This became my mission.  The tag line in my business name is “ And Joy is Essential.” What I was beginning to learn that authentically find your joy changes the course of life.  Then at the same time, I began studying energy healing. It was here that I learned about the energy that animates everything and how it impacts our life.  This was the most beautiful awareness because if I can now tap into that energy, there is no limit to what I can accomplish.  I wanted to show everyone that the joy and happiness that they seek is always there and that all they needed to do to come in contact with it was to find their joy.  I saw esthetics as one point of contact.  From there, I wanted to build a space dedicated to this purpose.  A place where people could go to escape their every day life, be healed, and recharged, and tap into their joy more.  This place would include yoga classes, beauty treatments, and several other therapeutic treatments.”

I asked Joi, what did she think was the contributing factor to her success.  She explained to me that love was the biggest contributing factor to her success. She stated that “when people come to this beautiful space of healing, they feel the love and this love allows them to drop their guard and to tap into who they are authentically.”  I followed this question up to Joi asking her if she could tell me more about this.  Joi explained that “this concept is new to many people.  When we are in our every day normal business, we are mired down in the details of our own life that we cannot really grab hold of what we really truly need for ourselves.  Its like we never get a break from it. But when we go somewhere that is specifically geared towards making us feel better, we are in a different head space, and the noise dies down.  This is why vacations are so impactful and imperative.  This healing center is like a mini -staycation but it is easily accessible. This is needed in today’s fast pace world.

I asked Joi if there was any one thing that she would like the audience to know.  Her response was “It doesn’t matter how you find joy, if it is your authentic and true joy, it is right.  Embrace that Joy, nuture it, and build it.  When we do this, it will change the trajectory of our life for the better.  We will have healed, we love more freely, and we experience life on a richer level.  Contrary to what many believe, this is the purpose of this life.”